Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This way to the Abyss

C'mon, isn't that just a challenge for you to explore? :-)

This is on the 4C Concession between the Clayton Road and Old Union Hall Road, just west of Almonte, Ontario. The trail looks like a beaut from here, but just go a little further and...

Just past where I took this shot I successfully traversed the most humongous mudpit through a swamp that I've ever attempted. No joke, it was about 15 feet long and about 18-24" deep of soupy, deeply rutted muck. I was in well over my hubs, my feet were submerged, and I had just the Kenda 270's on F&R. Given all the riding I've done since, I can't believe I made it through this swamp in one go without dumping, stalling, or even putting my feet down. If I'd dumped, I doubt I would've been able to pull out my bike by myself. I was so stoked after getting through I completely forgot to take a picture. Sorry! I'll go back and take a shot of how it looks dry sometime.

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