Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heartbreak lodge

These are the remains of a log cabin on a backroad off a backroad off a backroad near the virtual ghost town of McLean, south-west of Sharbot Lake. The logs themselves are long since gone, but you can see their impressions in the poured cement that remains from where a farmer once probably tried to shore-up and weatherproof the structure.

The cabin overlooks a swampy pond and overgrown pasture that even now has striking primitive beauty. Of course, there must've been unimaginable hardship eking out a living here as a rock farmer, barely surviving the long winters only to be tormented by clouds of bugs during planting and calving season.

On the bike are Kenda 270 front and rear tires. I don't recommend the front at all for loose gravel roads--too slippery--and is all but useless in the mud. Rear is good.

In the dry sack are tools and tire repair kit. I haven't flatted yet, but I've learned how to remove and replace both front and rear tires in case I ever do. The tricks are soapy water to lube the tire, at least one long tire iron, and patience.

I also ride with a Camelback. If you don't have one, I recommend it highly so you can sip water easily and often.

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