Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No speeding!

This is another stretch of the "E" trail in Lanark County, showing typical trail conditions in some areas. Although it may look a bit frightening if you're a roadie or new to dual-sport riding, it's actually quite rideable on bikes like a BMW 650GS with stock tires--if you take it slow. There's a bit of mud but it's not the sticky, sucking stuff that buries you up to your hubs (although there is that too).

Despite the remoteness of this location it's amazing how much traffic it sees. The occasional pickup bounces by and there are often quads racing by. If you break down, there's a good chance someone can give you a ride out of banjo-picking country--but don't count in it. You need to be self-sufficient out here and don't count on your cell phone working.

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