Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ride offer: Around Algonquin Park

Want to try an adventure? There are several options to circumnavigate Algonquin Park via fire roads,  ATV trails, and the TCAT. I'm planning a 3-5 day route leaving from the Ottawa Area in early August, camping along the way. It'll be suited to smaller DS bikes like my WR250R. Based on online info from others who've done it, many sections of the route can get pretty rough for large DS bikes. Dirt-oriented tires recommended. If interested, drop me a line.

Update Aug 7, 2016

I completed the ride solo last week, over three days of 12 hours riding each day. 1300 kms of mostly dirt with 17,000 m of climbing. One silly accident while just sitting on my bike. Didn't die. Ride report coming soon!


  1. i really enjoy your posts. I have a wr250r as well and live in ottawa. I am admittedly not a strong rider mainly because i don't get out riding much. I follow advrider etc and see guys with our bike in utah and pacific northwest and think they live in the perfect geography for the bike and consider getting rid of mine because its so flat and boring here ... but then i see your posts and think there are interesting areas to ride.

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