Sunday, June 5, 2016

New exploration: The Lost Quarter of Lanark County

There's a whole story to be told about Montague Township in the southeast corner of Lanark County. I spent a good chunk of Saturday exploring this rugged, sparsely populated area only 30 minutes from our nation's capital. Might as well have been in Siberia. Here's a teaser of what I saw:

For me, riding through an area like this is much more than a technical challenge. I also need to understand what I'm seeing. Who lives here? What's their story? How did it get this way?

Lots to research on this one before I post a route and historical context. For now I'll say that you don't want to head into this area when it's wet, or if you are lousy with directions. Last weekend, conditions were perfect following a month of no rain. It would be epic under usual conditions.

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