Saturday, May 17, 2014

Best donuts

Out for a ride in the Almonte area? For a special treat, seek out the delicious donuts at Healthy Food Technologies, located in a little building on Industrial Ave. behind the Your Independent Grocer. HFT has invented a cooking process and recipes that bring back an authentic old-time donut taste but with much less fat than typical mass-produced donuts from your local chain. The catch is that they only sell donuts on Fridays and the occasional Saturday. Well worth the trip for a dozen.

As a bonus, owner Ed Atwell is an accomplished dual sport and MX rider, and long-time riding buddy of Woody at Woody's Cycles near Perth.


  1. Biggest Hoax since the sale of the Brooklyn bridge. The ingredients in donuts do not significantly change in caloric content, no matter what the dough is cooked in, very false advertising. Deserving of criminal and civil proceedings...Poor consumers who are willing to pay almost double for a scam.

  2. All I can say for sure is the donuts are fresher and tastier than my local alternative. I don't really care about the calories, especially after snow biking for two hours in frigid temps!