Sunday, March 21, 2010

California trip

Obviously not that California. This is the one past Tatlock--the unnamed squiggle off the Darling Rd at the top of the map. Had to check out the trail as part of testing my rebuilt water pump. Still lots of frozen sections, squishy ground which makes for a some surprises when cornering, and muddy holes to douse your boots. Not recommended just yet. But give it another few weeks and things should firm up nicely. If you haven't ridden this trail, it exits at White Lake and makes a great first DP ride. Knobbies not required in summer.

Given how mucky the Cali Rd. is, the K&P is almost certainly worse because it's much more shaded. Last year, by the time there was hardly any snow anywhere, the K&P still harboured long sections of thick ice and surface meltwater which proved a real challenge to ride. Felt like the bike would twist out at any instant.

That extra little bit of elevation of the highlands drops the average temps a few degrees. While nice in the summer, at this time of year it turns a borderline rideable day into a popsicle marathon. Only 80km and I was pretty frozen.

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