Thursday, June 14, 2018

Review: Klim Mojave pants (2018)

Klim updated their popular Mojave mesh pant for 2018, issuing a more stylish design than in prior versions but now in only two colour options: black/gray or black/tan. I opted for the tan.
For reference, I'm 200lbs and 6' with an athletic build. Earlier this year I bought the Klim Carlsbad suit, pants size 34 and jacket in large, and both fit me perfectly with Alpinestar Fluid Carbon knee braces and a TekVest underneath. While the Carlsbad pant has proven very comfortable in cold-warm temps, its ventilation is minimal and will likely be insufferable in humid or desert conditions. Hence the Mojave pant, which I also ordered in 34. 
Mojave fit is almost identical to the Carlsbad, but perhaps a little bit tighter around the waist and in the seat area (by maybe 1cm, but I could've just gotten fatter), and a little looser around the knees. However, the waist is adjustable and compensates just fine. The mesh material makes the pants a lot more flexible and easier to move in, especially with knee braces. This is important, because I've had some pants that slide down when you swing a leg over. The Mojave is cut in a way that stays on my hips, even with a jersey tucked in. 
Note that unlike the Carlsbad, the Mojave doesn't include any armour. I just swapped the D3O hip pads over from the Carlsbad, but there's no pouch for a tailbone pad in the Mojave. The Mojave thigh pockets are well designed and located, and the bellows feature means your wallet isn't digging into your leg. 
While riding, the Mojave is especially comfortable. The velcro cuffs are adequately tight around my moto boots, and there are no obvious seams or folds that cause hotspots. The wind through the mesh is an epiphany of comfort. It should help reduce the funky-junk syndrome of sitting in plastic, on plastic, on hot and humid days. 
Overall I'm happy with the functionality, fit, and styling of these pants, although the real test will be on a month-long trail ride through the Rockies and Southwest this summer. Combined with a Klim Tactical Jersey, elbow pads, and a TekVest, the Mojave pants form part of a great, highly breathable suit for ADV rides on hot summer days.

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