Sunday, April 1, 2018

Review: Motul 300V, 10W40

Without any intention of starting a religious war, I'd like to point out that having just switched from relatively inexpensive Castrol mineral oil (chosen on the basis of making frequent oil changes) to full-synthetic Motul 300V, I'm rather impressed by the immediately noticeable improvements in shifting and engine noise.
 To some, the Motul may seem like pricy overkill in a WR250R. But after spending many hours scouring online reviews, oil test reports, and other facts, I chose the Motul on the basis that as a high-performance racing oil for extreme conditions, it would appear to offer improved long-term performance for long adventure rides on my particular bike. Its proven resistance to viscosity breakdown has heightened importance in a small engine, where there's only 1.4L of oil. The oil simply takes more mechanical abuse per unit volume for a given riding distance than in a larger thumper like my old KLR650, which had at least a liter more oil to share the abuse.
This oil will get a real test on a long ride this summer. My plan is to take samples for oil testing to validate my hypothesis.


  1. Any long term updates or further thoughts on using this oil? Thanks!

  2. This oil is fantastic. Best I've ever used out of Castrol, Belray, Honda, others. Shifting is slick, engine is quiet, and it really holds up to heat and abuse. Definitely costs more than other oils, but well worth the performance as I discovered on our Rockies 2018 trip (7500k).