Sunday, December 20, 2015

For sale: Fat bike tires 45NRTH Dillinger

These are a fast, grippy tire for firmer conditions, are studdable, and offer a significant weight saving (over a pound!) and performance upgrade versus the stock tires that typically ship with a fat bike. Compared to the V-Rubber beasts that came on my Norco Bigfoot, switching to the Dillingers gave an immediately noticeable improvement in handling and acceleration. It felt like I'd scraped off an inch of mud.

Performance doesn't come cheap--these tires retail for around C$270 each. I'm selling them for C$90 each. They were used for one season and are in excellent shape: no holes, nicks or significant wear. Width is 4.0" with 120 TPI aramid (folding) bead.

I've switched to the Surly Nates which offer a more aggressive (and slower and heavier) tread that's better suited to the poor trail conditions and deep snow I typically ride on. If I had a second set of wheels I'd definitely keep the Dillingers for firmer conditions.

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