Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Doubletake mirror review

Since the stock mirrors on the WR250R do not fold away, you risk breaking your wrists or the mirror mounts in the event of an endo or hard impact on the stalks. I've also found it easy to whack my face shield on them when riding on technical terrain. A mirror that folds away easily can prevent all these problems in dual sport riding. I ordered the Doubletake mirrors from Motorcycle Innovations based on reports I read on ADVRider.

Doubletake uses the 1" RAM system to provide flexible adjustability on your bars and some structural forgiveness in the event of a wipeout. There are a few mounting and length options. I chose the 3" stalk and screw base which installs into the existing mirror mounts, although the 2" stalk would probably work just fine on the WR250R as well. Both the right and left mirror are the same. Note that your $65 or so only gets you one mirror! I overlooked this simple point and ended up having to place a second order. Not cheap!

Note that Yamaha uses a reverse thread on the right mount. Fortunately the WRR's stock right mirror incorporates a short little adaptor which you can re-use to install the Doubletake mirror. It's a good idea to put a dab of blue Loctite on the mirror threads before installation or the base can unwind when you adjust the mirror.

Adjusting the mirrors is easy when stopped, but not something you can do with one hand while riding because they'll just flop around. The RAM system is too grippy to allow even a slight frictional nudge of position without loosening the clamp, although I imagine (and hope) that they give under a good whack. I recommend positioning the clamp so the spring is on the top. This will retain pressure on the lower ball mount and facilitate wiggling just the mirror portion when slightly loosening the clamp.

The components are moulded from a tough, heavy plastic that resists vibration at speed and each assembly (3" stalk) weighs only about 20g more than the OEM assembly. The mirror itself is the same size as the OEM but seems slightly more convex or perhaps distorted. As a result I find it a little harder to focus on the image.

Despite -10C last night, I couldn't resist going for a 30 minute ride to see how the mirrors perform at highway speed. Overall pretty good, and I'm glad for this upgrade. It's easy to tuck them away for extended trail riding which is the main benefit I foresee.

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