Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Singletrack update - more to ride in Almonte area!

Last weekend we did a long day of work on the Almonte Riverside Trail, benching a further 100m or so of new section at the far end and pulling dozens of stumps. It's still pretty rough and needs a lot of hand-work to tune it for riding, but it is rideable and interesting.

This is by far the hardest section of terrain to develop on our planned route to the Mill of Kintail. However, we're almost at the end of the tricky clay ravine section and will soon turn into the next ravine which looks totally different. You go from mature hardwood forest to cedar forest that looks like it's on the West Coast. Extending the trail through this next section should be a lot easier since we won't have many stumps to pull or buckthorn to battle.

Follow along at We'll be organizing a trailwork day in the fall once temperatures drop a bit. The plan is to push all the way through to the Mill of Kintail this season, so we can ride our fat bikes in the snow on an exclusive 20+ km return route of single track.

In somewhat related news, my buddy Phil and I recently spent three days riding at Kingdom Trails in East Burke, Vermont. Amazing single track and well worth the trek. The Tallboy performed beautifully and we rode 100+ km and 2400m of elevation gain in the 12 hours of technical riding we did. Good food and beer too. When I have more time, I'll post some pics and vids. There's a group of us going again on September 13-15, so drop me a line if you can meet us there.

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