Monday, March 2, 2015

Motion Pro tire-iron/axle wrench combo

Every now and then I run across a really well made tool that just begs to be used. The Motion Pro combo tire irons/wrenches are one such example that should be in any dual-sporter's repair kit.

Just look at these beauties:

That's forged T6061 aluminum, strong and deceptively lightweight as you can see from the scales. I ordered the 27mm and 22mm box-ends to fit my WR250R axle nuts. Beware that the rear nut should be torqued to125 N-m torque and the wrench is only rated for 90 N-m. 90 should be plenty to get you home to a torque wrench, but if you're stuck in the bush with a nut already tightened to 125, you may not be able to undo it with the Motion Pro. Something to test beforehand, for sure! 

Changing tires is also dead simple with these wrenches. The spoon is perfectly shaped, there are no sharp edges to cut your hands, and pushing aluminum against aluminum is much less likely to scratch your rims.

Edit: These are now part of my trail tool kit.

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