Thursday, June 19, 2014

Update on Heidenau Scout + Tubliss

I'm not sold on my Tubliss conversion. Although I haven't had any leakage or flat issues (in fact they hold air way better than tubes ever did), balancing the front wheel has been a real pain despite adding almost 100g of weight and Slime. After almost 2000km of riding on-road, the remaining vibrations have become more than a nuisance and I'm debating whether or not to revert to a tube with Stans. It would certainly be simpler and lighter.

The problem is the weight of the rim lock and dual-valve arrangement, focused in one region of a 21" rim. Yes I can keep adding weight, but when you consider what's already on there (plus the Slime!), it should be balanced by now. Maybe I'm just being picky, but sustained road vibration at a constant frequency just seems to get under my skin, unlike the random bumps of trail riding.

Meanwhile, the Heidenaus themselves are working out great. Lousy in the mud (duh) but surprisingly  good in the gravel.

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