Sunday, November 15, 2015

Portland, Oregon

Spent July exploring down the west coast from Alaska to California. Unfortunately it wasn't on a bike, but we did some nice rides along the way. Portland in particular was a festival of bikes, beer, and babes like no other city on earth.

The neighborhood where we stayed was parade-central for exotic rides.

This vintage BMW was par for the course:

What kind of Honda was this? Immaculate, gorgeous!

Our hotel was next to the Ural dealership. Hipster central. 

By good fortune we were able to meet up with my stepfather Mike for a couple of days. He left in June from London, Ontario, on a motorcycle road trip up to northern Alberta, then looped down the west coast to San Diego. 22,000 km later, in mid September, he made it back home. What a trip!

Portland is at the top of the list of places to where I would seriously consider moving. 

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