Friday, February 14, 2014

Much cheaper motorcycle insurance

When Intact Insurance recently decided they didn't want me as a customer any more (because the custom home we just built doesn't fit their cookie-cutter requirements), it was actually a blessing in disguise. Since I had to look for new home insurance anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to reevaluate my coverage for our two cars (also insured with Intact) and my WR250R (insured by Jevco).

Good news: The Personal Insurance Company, who offers a deal through my work, now covers me with a much more generous and comprehensive plan for home, auto, and motorbike--at about 60% less cost. I will save thousands per year! The only catch is they may not offer coverage except through an employer deal.

Jevco currently charges me $625/year for my bike, which includes $1M liability, standard accident benefits, property damage, and comprehensive excluding collision or upset. The Personal quoted $213/year with much better coverage. As soon as my Jevco policy expires in June I'll be switching over. No point now since I've already paid for the entire year and there's no refund available.

So a big thanks to Intact for alerting me to how much money I've been wasting. It's too bad for my broker that they've lost a 20-year customer, but I should've dropped them four years ago when I first had the option with The Personal. I'm telling everyone I know!

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