Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New single track coming soon!

Where does the time go? Somehow I got derailed by work, building a house, and life in general the past two years, and had to pause my single track adventures. So I'm long overdue for something new here, and thought I'd share one of the projects I've been working on since last summer: new single track!

Soon I hope to open to the public a hidden gem of a trail along the Mississippi River just downstream of Almonte. I spent many a long, hot day last summer, fall and (yes) winter hacking through tangled buckthorn and prickly ash, digging up rocks, moving logs, and shoveling loam into what will eventually become some rather buff single track built on the IMBA model. So far I've cleared about 4 km through woods that haven't seen much human traffic in the last hundred years. By the time I'm done, there'll be a 5 km or so point-to-point route from Strathburn Street to James Naismith Way, winding through hardwood and hemlock forest, then sunny fields. The route follows a spectacular limestone bench system along the river valley. I'll be adding a loop in the middle which will give about a 10-12km out-and-back ride or hike from either trailhead, with shorter options for the less intrepid. It's a great route for trail running.

It's not officially open to the public because I still have to create the ends where people can access the main trail without disturbing either of the two private landowners who have generously supported this project. Once that's done I'll be sure to post directions.

Meanwhile, enjoy some teaser-trailer pics of what you'll eventually see along the way.

Oh, and I'm looking for landowner support to help build the next segment connecting James Naismith Way to the Mill of Kintail. Now that would amazing!

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  1. Looks fantastic. Can't wait to try it out this summer. Many thanks for all your efforts.